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Click on the pink shirts above to discover resources, books and lesson plans, and other activities to help explore the meaning and influence of Pink Shirt Day!

Pink Shirt Day Resources

PInk Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day Story

This video explains the history of Pink Shirt Day in a 3-minute storyboard animation.

Bullying InfographicBullying Infographic


A dynamic illustration about bullying in Canada that you can project for students to explore.

Pink Shirt Day PostersPink Shirt Banner


Download these Pink Shirt Day posters for free.

Pink Shirt HandoutPink Shirt Banner


Print this graphic on pink paper so that your students can create their own pink shirt!

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Books and Lessons

People are sometimes teased and bullied for what they wear or how they appear. Read these books with children to open discussions about how they are influenced by first impressions.

One Hundred Dresses

The Hundred Dresses

Wanda Petronski is not ridiculed for wearing a pink shirt but for wearing the same faded blue dress every day. Wanda claims she has one hundred dresses at home and her classmates tease her about this claim. One day Wanda does not return to school and the “silent bystanders” resolve to "never stand by and say nothing again."

Each Kindness

Each Kindness

Maya is different. She wears used clothes and plays with old-fashioned toys. Every time Maya tries to play with Chloe and her friends, they reject her. Maya plays alone and eventually stops coming to school altogether.

The Boy Who Grew Flowers

The Boy Who Grew Flowers

Children stay away from Rink and gossip about him because they think he and his family are strange. One day, a new girl, Angelina, arrives at school and she doesn't see Rink as strange. Rink and Angelina become friends by sharing their unique gifts with one another.


The Invisible Boy

Brian feels invisible. Nobody seems to notice or include him in their activities. Justin, a new boy, arrives at school and Brian is the first person to make him feel welcome. When Brian and Justin become friends, Brian no longer feels invisible.

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Pink Shirt Day Activities


Pink Bracelets (CC BY 2.5)

Make pink bracelets to go with your Pink Shirt Day t-shirts.

Decorate your classroom door in pink!

Decorate your Classroom Door

Hold a school-wide classroom door decorating contest. Invite community members to tour your school and vote on their favourite door!

Create a pink graffiti wall!

Graffiti Wall

Invite your school community to illustrate inspiring quotes, poems or graphics that will encourage everyone to prevent bullying.

Share a pink food potluck!

Pink Cookies

Get started with these easy recipes:

Pink Popcorn Balls
Pink Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pink Lemon Thins
Pink Lemonade

Create flags of hope!

Flags of Hope (CC BY 2.5)

Make pink paper flags illustrated with symbols of kindness, empathy and/or respect. Display the flags throughout your school as part of your Pink Shirt Day celebrations.

Create a chain of pink!

Chain of Pink

Ask each member of the school community to dip their hand in pink paint and create a handprint on a long strand of paper. Post this chain of pink in a school hallway.

Share a bullying bite!

Bullying Bite

Create candy grams with bullying prevention quotes and share them with the school community.

Take a pledge to stop bullying!

Take a pledge to stop bullying

Take the Be Bold: Stop Bullying pledge and unite to stop bullying!

Share a selfie

Share a Picture

Take a picture of you, your school, your work or your friends wearing pink on Feb. 25. Share it on Twitter, tagged #pinkshirtday or email to

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